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Rainbow Trout
Bull Trout
Rainbow Trout
Bull Trout
Bull Trout

Welcome to Koocanusa!

Koocanusa is one of the most picturesque fisheries you can experience via paved road. It is about 90 miles long and part of it is in Canada. This body of water was created by the damming of the Kootenai River. Koocanusa got its name from the 1st 3 letters of the KOOtenai River, CANada and the USA. 

Our Operation and What to Expect

We mainly focus on Rainbow Trout and occasionally Bull Trout. In order to target Bull Trout, you will need a Bull Trout Card that you can obtain at your nearest FWP location. The harvesting of Bull Trout is not legal on Lake Koocanusa, but you are allowed to intentionally fish for them year round with a Bull Trout catch card. We pursue both species in similar fashion, trolling multiple lines via planer boards. We are allowed 2 lines per person, so it is important to get yourself a group of 3 to 4 people to maximize your chances on the water. The best time for targeting Rainbows is from November through April. While we have limited availability during this time, and we never know what kind of winter that Mother Nature is going to throw at us, please give us a call so we can discuss your availability, as well as ours. A fully enclosed and heated boat makes for a pleasant excursion during these cold months. 

We leave from the Rexford Bench Boat Ramp around sunrise. The service is an 8 hour day on the water. We do not offer cleaning and packaging services, so you will need to plan accordingly. Selective harvest is of utmost importance and is a responsibility that we take on, to ensure the future of our great fishery.

The trip is $700 total, for up to 4 persons. Each additional person is another $150, not to exceed 6 people total. For multiple day charters, there is a $75 discount off of each additional day. Some benefits that come from our multiple day charters is that Captain Joe tends to stay out a little longer on the 1st day because there is less prep time for the next day. This means more fishing time for you! This is by far the best deal for your group.


All fishing gear is provided. This includes right and left handed reels for everyone. Please bring what you need to process your own fish, if you are harvesting, as we do not offer these services here. Bring your own food and drinks. No beverages or food are provided. Alcohol is allowed, but in moderation please. There is NO SMOKING allowed and NO PETS allowed onboard. You can bring a cooler or 2 on the boat, just let us know ahead of time. 

Pricing and Provisions

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