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Welcome to Fort Peck!

Fort Peck Reservoir is one of the best fisheries you'll ever find yourself on. It is over 130 miles long and has more than 1500 miles of shoreline! This body of water holds several state records, of multiple species, and will no doubt produce more in the years to come. 

Our Operation and What to Expect

We fish for King salmon, Lake Trout, Pike and Walleye. The Salmon are targeted via trolling while the Lakers can be pursued via trolling or by jigging. Walleye and pike are targeted through trolling and jigging as well. As with anything, there are preferred times to better ensure your success. The hot and heavy Salmon fishing doesn't occur until around the third week of July and can slow down by the end of August, but we still get big ones through September. While we can certainly chase Lake Trout throughout the year, some of the best and most aggressive jig bites occur from ice off and into June. This is all water temperature based. Spring time Pike and Walleye can be extremely productive but can get more challenging as the heat of the summer progresses. This doesn't mean we won't find jigging action after this time period, it just means we have to work harder. 

We leave from the Fort Peck Marina before dawn. The service is an 8.5 hour day with 1 of these hours set aside for cleaning and packaging fish if you wish to harvest. Selective harvest is of utmost importance and is a responsibility that we take on, to ensure the future of our great fishery. If you're just wanting a fun day of catch and release, then we just fish for 8.5 hours straight, making memories!



The trip is $700 total, for up to 4 persons. Each additional person is another $150, not to exceed 6 people total. For multiple day charters, there is a $100 discount off of each additional day. Some benefits that come from our multiple day charters is that Captain Joe tends to stay out a little longer on the 1st day because there is less prep time for the next day. This means more fishing time for you! This is by far the best deal for your group.


***For pricing and availability of walleye, pike and ice fishing trips with our other captains, please call or message us.***


When you're on Joe's boat, all fishing gear is provided. Your fish will be bled out and kept on ice. Please bring a large cooler and keep it at your vehicle for your fish, if you are harvesting. Bring your own food and drinks. No beverages or food are provided. Alcohol is allowed, but in moderation please. There is NO SMOKING allowed and NO PETS allowed onboard. You can bring a cooler or 2 on the boat, just let us know ahead of time. Also, make sure you have your fishing licenses, as required. 

***Provisions will be different between guides and their respective boat setups. Please call us to ensure you have the most accurate information for your trip.***



Pricing for Joe's Boat

King Salmon
Netting a fish
Pike Ice Fishing
Lake Trout
Walleye Ice Fishing

We offer Ice Fishing trips on Fort Peck as well!

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